The Best Luxury Wedding Venues On Cape Cod

I can practically smell the ocean air as I write this…

Because you and me? We’re going on an imaginary trip to the Cape today.

We’ve just crossed the Bourne Bridge, the windows in our convertible are down, and the salty sweet air is whipping through our hair as we sail over to mid-Cape to talk about… 

The 3 best Cape Cod luxury wedding venues and an official recommendation from a New England wedding planner about why they’re so freaking good

While there are dozens of gorgeous wedding venues on Cape Cod, I figured it would be easiest to categorize them by their level of bougie-ness, starting with the 3 most luxurious venues in the dreamiest New England location.

…or maybe I selfishly just wanted to spend a few hours pretending I live in a world where I get to spend an extended period of time at every single one of these venues, with a million dollars to spend and a million hours to relax…?

EITHER WAY – you’re getting a review of the 3 best luxury wedding venues on Cape Cod, and my motives don’t need to matter, k? 🤪

In this post, I’m going to…

  • Give you an overview of the vibe each wedding venue
  • Explain all the amenities of each wedding venue
  • Share each wedding venue’s wedding brochure with you, so you don’t have to go searching for it later (the wedding planner in me, always tryna save you time!)
  • Give you the tea on the capacity and accommodations
  • Share some highlights from each venue’s real-life reviews 

The only thing I’m not adding in my review of each of the 3 best wedding venues on Cape Cod is the cost, because a) there are tons of things that impact the cost of your wedding, and b) they’re all, of course, on the expensive side.

(I mean, come on. It’s Cape Cod’s best venues we’re talkin’. It’s gonna be bougie.)

Now that you know our plan for this post, clear a few minutes off your schedule to pack your bags, would ya? That imaginary trip to Cape Cod is happening NOW. 

#1 — Chatham Bars Inn

Recently awarded a Five Star Resort by Forbes Travel Guide, Chatham Bars Inn truly is, as their tagline says, Cape Cod’s most beautiful address.

Located on the breathtakingly beautiful Shore Road in Chatham, CBI has 217 guest rooms, ranging from your average (luxury) hotel room in their inn to the most gorgeous spa suite you’ve ever seen. 

The property is a complete Cape Cod staple, and has rightfully earned its place at the very top of seemingly every single blog post or roundup ever written about “best wedding venues on Cape Cod.” 

The location? Perfect.

The accommodations? Perfect.

The food? Perfect.

The helpful, cheerful staff? Perfect. 

The numerous event spaces available? Perfect.

So, of course, it’s no shocker that Chatham Bars Inn has ended up at the top of my list, too. 

Must-knows about Chatham Bars Inn

Choosing to get married at this resort would be a total dream, not only because of how classic Cape the venue is, but because of all of the other options you (and your guests!) have for entertainment while staying there.

They’ve got it ALL—free Lexus car rentals so you can visit the rest of Cape Cod, free bike rentals, tennis courts, a gorgeous pool with cabanas for rent, 5 separate boat charters (motor boats and a sailboat) with private captains and champagne… are you drooling right now reading this? Because I’m drooling right now writing it.

In their wedding brochure, the Inn describes their venue as a mix of luxury and grandeur, while still tranquil and elegant, and I couldn’t agree more. 

They’re equipped to help you host every element of your wedding, from the welcome dinner, to getting-ready suites, to several first look locations, to the ceremony, to the reception, to the post-ceremony drinks… 

It’s even walking distance from the iconic Cape Cod relic of a “dive” bar, the Squire. 

Long story short? Best Cape Cod Wedding Venue might as well be synonymous with Chatham Bars Inn, because it doesn’t get much better than this.


Chatham Bars Inn can hold up to 300 guests, across 7 venues (both indoor and outdoor), making them perfect for you rain or shine, big event or small. 


With 217 guest rooms, CBI definitely will make your guests comfy, whether they prefer a traditional style hotel room or a full-on cottage suite. 

I, for one, can’t get enough of their South Lounge (the cute, cozy living room that makes you feel like you’re hanging out in your rich, posh grandmother’s house, minus the judgment and expectations) or their Veranda (the massive front porch, where you can eat lunch, dinner, and enjoy signature cocktails). 


According to The Knot, Chatham Bars Inn earns a 4.8/5 (39 reviews) for couple satisfaction, with guests citing that it was the perfect place for a wedding, they loved working with the wedding team, that the staff was professional and attentive, and that it was extremely picturesque. 

Click here to read the rest of the reviews about Chatham Bars Inn.

#2 — Wequassett Resort and Golf Club

As the other favorite Five Star hotel on Cape Cod, Wequassett is giving Chatham Bars Inn a run for its money. Or is it the other way around? The two luxury resorts are forever in competition—and I think you know which side I’ve chosen based on my ranking.

However… I will say it is, in reality, an almost impossible choice (plus my best friend got married here). The only real difference between the two hotels are the size (CBI is larger, therefore of course has more amenities), the seasons (CBI is open year round, and Wequassett isn’t), and the closeness to other attractions (CBI is a walk from town, Wequassett is a drive away from everything). 

One note lots of guests have made about the Wequassett vs Chatham Bars Inn debate is that CBI can feel a little more hectic at times. 

Wequassett is a little more secluded, while CBI has people driving by it to see it, visiting just for dinner or a clambake or a cocktail, staying for vacation… I’m hesitant to call it “chaos” – but there’s definitely a lot going on in the prime summer season, and while of course your wedding areas are blocked off and private, it’s possible that during your wedding weekend you’ll encounter lots of other guests.

(This is why reservations, contracts, and conversations with venue directors about what is / isn’t included, possible, or warranted at your venue is so important! It’s also why I’ve written an entire blog on the 30 questions to ask on your venue tour.)

Both hotels provide the gorgeous, luxury experience that you’d hope for from a Cape Cod Five Star venue. 

Must-knows about Wequassett

You’ll want to schedule some free time for the dads, grandpas, and golf lovers in your family, because they won’t be able to resist access to the neighboring Cape Cod Golf Club, which Wequassett (and the rest of the Cape) refers to as one of the finest, most prestigious private clubs in the nation. 

In terms of other activities, they’ve got everything you’d want in a full-service hotel: pool, boating, sailing, children’s center and babysitting, spa services, tennis courts, fitness center… the works. 

The only downside? It doesn’t have much of a beach to go to (am I a snob for commenting on how their sand isn’t great?), but the pool is, as the Cape Codders would say, wicked nice.  

So, while your guests won’t be able to easily walk anywhere from Wequassett like they can at CBI, they can absolutely enjoy themselves at the pool.

Or the spa. 

Or the restaurants and bars (my personal favorite part). 

Or in their stunning rooms.

Let’s be real—it’s impossible to be disappointed at a Five Star hotel on Cape Cod. The only emotion they’ll feel is delighted. 


Wequassett can hold up to 350 guests across 13 venues both indoor and outdoor, which, like our other favorite Five Star, makes it perfect for any type of occasion. 

Their 70-page, in-depth wedding brochure has a complete overview of all of the square footage, venue capacity sizes, and maps starting on page 33. 


With 10 different types of accommodations, Wequassett is more than capable of providing you and your guests with any type of experience you’re dreaming of. 


Ranking a 4.8/5 (70 reviews) on The Knot, couples that have gotten married at Wequassett have called it “a spectacular venue with impeccable service” and “a dream come true” and a venue that “truly exceeds all expectations” with “exceptional location, service, and food.” 

Click here to read the reviews about Wequassett Resort and Golf Club!

P.S. In case you were wondering, the third Five Star hotel on the Cape is the Chatham Inn, located on Main Street in Chatham. I didn’t mention it in this post because it’s not suitable for a wedding, however it would be great for a luxury dinner reservation, or a weekend getaway. Plus, the owners are so nice, as is the staff!

#3 — Wychmere Beach Club

Now, I’m gonna be honest with you – you don’t often see Wychmere Beach Club listed among the most luxury wedding venues on the Cape, but I’m not sure why… 

It’s exactly what you’d expect when you picture the perfect Cape Cod wedding, and in the last couple years, Wychmere has really stepped up their game.

Must-knows about Wychmere

There’s nothing I love more than a walkable venue, and Wychmere, while secluded at the end of its own road, is close to Harwichport’s main drag, which is becoming increasingly more popular, with lots of new restaurants and stores being added consistently, summer after summer. 

Harwichport’s main stretch now has one of the Cape’s best oyster bar slash casual going-out bar (The Port), cute bookstores, bomb breakfast places turned bars (Perks Coffee Shop & Beer Garden), candy stores, art galleries, clothing stores… it’s so fun.

Okay, sorry—back to wedding content.

Wychmere has been a popular wedding destination for a long time now, often referred to as “the perfect setting for a classic Cape Cod beach wedding.”


With 20 acres along Wychmere Harbor channel and Nantucket Sound, it can hold up to 500 guests (!!!) across 5 venues, both indoor and outdoor.

The most popular of which, though, is Dune—it’s their newest venue, and couples have been loving it; specifically, the rooftop terrace. 


Wychmere has lots of room types available: deluxe guest rooms, ocean view guest rooms, ocean view suites, and cottages with 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, spacious living rooms, and full kitchens.

The cottage accommodations, specifically, was one of the reasons Wychmere made my luxury list – what’s better than feeling comfortable in an actual house?! Plus, the cottages can accommodate up to 14 people; perfect for a getting-ready sitch, or a big family visiting from out of town. 

One other important thing to note—something I didn’t mention when I was gushing over the other two Cape Cod wedding venues—is that you’re also able to rent vacation homes off-property, if you’d prefer not to stay at the actual hotel.

With the other two venues, it’s obviously doable, but Wychmere is located near a lot of vacation rentals, some of which purposely renting solely to and for Wychmere wedding guests / event hosts. This is definitely something worth looking into if you don’t mind not staying on-property, and some are even within walking distance. 


Coming in HOT at a 4.9/5 stars (135 reviews), Wychmere is actually the top-rated Cape Cod wedding venue, based on actual guest reviews. 

It’s been referred to as an “unbelievable venue with incredible staff”

Click here to read the reviews about Wychmere Beach Club!

Bonus! Curious about Nantucket’s best wedding venues?

Nantucket isn’t technically Cape Cod, but… since we’re here, I might as well briefly tell you about 3 of the best Nantucket wedding venues, considering the vibes are similar (aka immaculately beachy, coastal granddaughter approved, gorgeous venues for the perfect spring, summer, or fall wedding). 

The Wauwinet — Arguably the most beautiful way to experience Nantucket, the Wauwinet is an iconic luxury Nantucket resort that’ll have you feeling bougie as HELL. It has a perfect mix of lush green grass and gorgeous ocean views, making it the pillar of Nantucket charm. 

The Nantucket Hotel — Recently named the #1 luxury hotel in the COUNTRY—yes, country—the Nantucket Hotel is quite literally a dream come true. If you get married here, you’re literally required to hire me to help you plan it. Or at least invite me. Like, it’s an order. That’s how much I love this ridiculously stunning accommodation – and I know you will, too. 

The Great Harbor Yacht Club — If you’re looking to fulfill your beachy, New England coastal-country-club-esque fantasies, look no further than the GHYC. It is quintessential Nantucket in the best way possible. (Plus, the sunsets here are unbeatable.)

Hosting an event on Nantucket is definitely the ultimate luxury experience, where you’ll likely not be able to resist sparing a single expense, but… once in a lifetime, right?

But, hey, if you’re willing to invest a good chunk of change in hosting the best, most New England charm filled event ever—Nantucket’s your place. Just remember that your guests will have to get to the island via plane or ferry, and stay over at least one night – so it’ll add up for them, too. 

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