What’s Inside Wildflower’s Most Popular Wedding Design Package

April 18, 2022


Curious about what working with Wildflower looks like? Look no further! In today’s post, we’re chatting with you all about everything that goes into our Design & Schedule package, because when you decide Wildflower is the wedding planning team of your dreams, we want you to be certain.

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Before we get started: let’s begin with a quick overview. Wildflower’s Design & Schedule package was designed to be everything you need not only for making your wedding beautiful, but also efficient. We’ve got all the logistics of the day covered. We’ll assist you in creating a fresh design that is uniquely you, and we’ll work together to make sure that all of your special details come together in one beautifully executed day.

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Once you decide to move forward with Design & Schedule, we’ll both do a little happy dance, and get the party started! We’ll send you your Wildflower Welcome Packet, complete with everything you need to know about our process. The most important element of the welcome packet is the questionnaire, which is how we’ll get to know you and all of your wedding-related preferences! Incorporating YOU and your love story into the design is a crucial element of our planning process, and we want to get to know you inside & out so we can make all of your wedding dreams a reality!


Once you send the questionnaire our way, we’ll get to work designing your mood board. You’ll have told us everything we need to know about your design aesthetic (and what you love/hate about weddings!) on your questionnaire. This mood board includes every single aspect of your day: color scheme, signage, florals, invitations, rentals, food display, everything! And, of course, while we’re doing our research, we’re keeping a keen eye on that budget.

(Side note: we promise that we’ll never present you with anything that doesn’t fit in your budget!)


Now the fun *officially* begins! We’ll have an in-depth meeting with you and your lovaaa to talk through the details, your vision for your wedding, and any vendors you’ve already booked. We’ll go over the mood board together, and talk through the whole vision of the wedding.

After the meeting, you’ll have time to digest the mood board on your own, and send us any feedback you have. The mood board presented is a living, breathing document, and it’s meant to be updated as we move forward in the process together!


Because booking of all design-related vendors is included in the Design & Schedule, you get to sit back and relax while we work hard on researching and gathering proposals for florists, rental companies, invitations… all the good stuff!

On the questionnaire you fill out at the beginning of the process, we ask you how many options you like to be presented with so we can best cater to your preferences. This is how we decide how many vendors to show you.

Once we’ve talked through all the vendors together, it’s time for vendor meetings! We’ll be there right by your side as your representative and liaison to help you through any decision-making and booking processes.


As soon as the vendor team is booked and built and the mood board is finalized, it’s time for us to start procuring and sourcing! This is where we handle all of the remaining design and decor elements — from specialty pieces to antique store finds to DIY options created specifically for you by Wildflower to tapping into our endless supply of candle holders, wine glasses, and vases.

Every single item on your wish list, no matter how big or small, will be represented at your wedding. We have your vision (and your best interest!) at heart, and we work in creative ways to make every vision come to life while also respecting your budget.


The Wildflower team will be by your side to make everything design-related is smoooth sailing on your wedding day. We’ll oversee every single element of design to make sure everything on that moldboard (and in those vendor contracts!) are there. We’re in the business of perfection, so we won’t settle until every candle is lit, every sign is displayed, every favor is present, every piece of flatware is straight, and every napkin is perfectly placed.

One of Wildflower’s coordinators will be fully devoted to you; your Cruise Director, if you will, to guide you through where you need to be and when. We’ll take care of everything for you so you can be fully present on the day of your wedding, without having to worry about anything else! We’ll get you from point A to point B, keep you hydrated, fed, and full of your signature cocktail.

The rest of the Wildflower team is on design duty: overseeing setup, making sure vendors are ready to go, and ensuring that everything is in place for the best possible guest experience.



Now that we’ve covered everything that goes into the design part of Design & Schedule, let’s review the schedule!

Throughout our process, we’ll have 3 big meetings:

  1. Two months out from your wedding. This is when you’ll hand over the reins to Wildflower. No more stressing about wedding planning! We’ll be the colander that strains out alll the stress from your life.
  2. One month prior to your wedding. We’ll have a check-in review call to go over any final details (and reassure you that everything is on track, perfect, and ready for your big day)!
  3. One week prior to your wedding. We’ll have one final chat to make sure you feel confident and ready — wedding day is almost here!

Behind the scenes, here’s what we’re up to while you’re enjoying your final few months before your wedding…

  • Reaching out to all of your vendors and confirm the details, and let them know that we’ll be the main point of contact from there on out.
  • Making sure all of the remaining details are covered and any loose ends are tied up (e.g. DJ has extension cord, caterer has final numbers, etc!)
  • Handling final design details that will wow your guests
  • Communicating with you about anything you need our help with!

Design & Schedule is the perfect package for you if you’re looking for a dream team to take over your wedding planning so you can enjoy the rest of your wedding prep stress-free.

To learn more about what’s included, click here! We can’t wait to help you make your wedding day as special as you’ve always imagined. Let’s do it!